LDS Wedding Photography Styles

When it comes time to choose an LDS wedding photographer, you’re going to want to know his style before you make this very important decision. There’s much more to wedding photography than just “pointing and shooting.” There are several different styles of wedding photography, each perfect for your Big Day in their own way. Take a look at four popular styles listed here as you think about your LDS wedding photography.

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography is probably the most popular style for LDS wedding photography. Sometimes referred to as formal, traditional wedding photography is made up of posed pictures of the bride and groom, bridal party, and the families. LDS traditional wedding photography also includes shots at the temple, with the new couple and their parents, as well as pictures of the reception.

Photojournal Photography

Many couples like to document every moment of the wedding. Everything from getting ready to head to the temple to the makeup and hair time. Photojournal wedding photography tells the story of your wedding day and captures all of the emotions…the nervousness, the joy, and the sheer happiness of forming a new eternal union. If you choose a photojournalistic style for your LDS wedding photography, you’ll have pictures that capture moments, rather than poses.

Artistic Photography

In artistic photography, the photographer will use soft lenses, unusual angles, and more stylized effects. Many modern brides like the artistic approach for their LDS wedding photography. Those who are less traditional love the unique look of their photos and enjoy the funky style. The downside is that artistic photography changes throughout the years, so you do risk the chance of your photos looking dated in a few years.

Candid Photography

Similar to Photojournal photography, candid style photos are casual shots that capture the expression and emotion of the moment. Most candid pictures are taken when peoples attention isn’t focused on the camera. You’ll see shots of the bride giving her mom a hug, or the groom dancing with his young niece. Many brides love candid photography because it helps them remember the feelings of her wedding day.

Most LDS wedding photographers specialize in one of these areas of photography. For a real look at your wedding day, you’ll want a mixture of all of the styles. You want your wedding album to be beautiful and filled with photos that capture the feelings and emotions of your wedding day. Be sure to carefully review your LDS wedding photographer’s style before you make your photography deposit.

Smile! For Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day has to be perfect from the dress to the tux, flowers to photography.  You do not want just any run-of-the-mill wedding photos.  You want photos that people will rave about.  You want your photos to stand the test of time and always be in style.  You want people to “ooh” and “ahh” every time they look at your wedding pictures.  What do you look for in a photographer to make your wedding day even more perfect?  You definitely want someone who is familiar with the temple  and you also want someone with new and fun ideas.

Styles To Be Familiar With

There are many different styles you need to know about to make your pictures perfect.

  • Black and white.  Black and white photos are classic.  For a more special effect, have your photographer put only wedding bouquet in color and you and your guests in black and white.  Make you and your spouse stand out from the wedding party by having your photographer put only you too in color.
  • Sepia.  Sepia gives photos a brownish hue and is great for another classic look to your wedding photos.
  • Full color.  Full color photos are perfect for any occasion, especially with the vibrance and loveliness of the temple and all your colorful guests.
  • Special effects.  Have your photographer try different effects such as background blurs, gradients and other cool effects to give your wedding photos an extra edge.
  • Aerial.  Have your photographer take photos from above in a tree or with a ladder to catch a unique glimpse from above.
  • Angles.  Have your photographer try different and obscure angles for more unique effects to your photos.

Have Your Photographer Take Random Photos

Have your photographer take random photos that are not posed.  Sometimes, these end up being the best photos as well as your absolute favorites.  Also, have your photographer take photos of your wedding party while they are waiting for you outside the temple, chatting with other guests and other non-posed scenarios.

Catch The Kids

Definitely have your photographer take photos of the children at the temple too.  There is nothing more innocent and sweet than children roaming around the temple and you will love having these photos in your wedding collection.

Worth A Thousand Words

Wedding pictures are worth a thousand words and even more!  They depict the biggest and happiest day of your life.  Be sure to get them done right!

Say Cheese: Choosing a LDS Wedding Photographer

When it comes to your wedding photography, you want the best to capture your big day. Choosing a LDS wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding day (other than saying yes, of course). Mormon weddings are a bit different than traditional weddings, so there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a LDS wedding photographer.

Don’t skimp!

With all of the other expenses associated with a wedding, you might be tempted to ask a friend or relative to take photos for you. After the wedding day is over, the pictures may be the only reminder you have of the big day. It’s not worth the money to cut back on photography. Professional LDS wedding photography is one of the best ways to capture the tiniest of details on your wedding day.

Consider hiring a LDS photographer who is actually LDS.

The religious preference of your photographer isn’t a big deal when it comes to taking fabulous photos. But having a photographer who is Mormon can actually be a big blessing. LDS wedding photographers understand the sacred ceremony of the temple and the eternal nature of your new union. Plus, a LDS photographer understands the importance of the temple building and will capture the beautiful architecture and symbolism in your pictures. Another photographer might not understand the importance of Angle Moroni, but a LDS wedding photographer will remember all of those little details.

Keep multiple locations in mind.

A Mormon wedding usually consists of several locations. You’ll want engagement pictures before the wedding day, but on the actual day itself, you’ll want pictures on the temple grounds and at the reception. Make sure your LDS wedding photographer is available for the entire day and willing to travel to multiple locations to capture every moment.

Compile a checklist.

LDS wedding photography is unique in many ways. One of those ways that sets LDS wedding photography apart is the need to include multiple shots of people and places. For example, on the temple grounds you’ll want pictures of the bride and groom, but you may also want pictures with your parents and siblings standing in front of the temple. At the reception, you may want pictures of your flower girls and the wedding cake. Make a list for your photographer so he knows exactly what to capture. You’ll be so busy with the event itself that you won’t have time on your wedding day to make sure your photographer is getting all the shots you pictured in your mind.

After the cake has been cut, the bouquet caught, and the honeymoon over, your wedding photographs are the only physical memories of the day. Take time to carefully choose a LDS wedding photographer. It’s not always about price, so choose a photographer who understands the unique nature of your LDS wedding.