LDS Baptism Gifts

Making the decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a big deal…whether you are 8 or 80. To celebrate the decision to become baptized, you may want to get a gift for the newest member of the church. Choosing a gift that’s as special as the day isn’t an easy task. We’ve got some great LDS baptism gift choices to help get the ideas flowing.

A CTR Ring

Most children get a CTR ring in their Primary class. When your child turns 8, think about upgrading that silver and green CTR ring to a beautiful “grown up” CTR ring. CTR rings make great Mormon baptism gifts. The ring helps your child remember his baptismal covenants. Plus, a CTR ring is a great way to help your child make good decisions and to choose the right every day. Available in a variety of styles, colors, metals, and shapes, CTR rings are fantastic LDS baptism gifts.

If a CTR ring isn’t really what you had in mind, you can also buy other LDS-themed jewelry. You’ll find bracelets, necklaces, tie pins, and clips that are perfect baptism gifts. Boys and girls both love the thoughtful gift that reminds them of the very important decision they made to be baptized.


A new set of scriptures is a fantastic Mormon baptism gift. For an extra special touch, get your child’s name engraved on the scriptures. Engraving really makes the gift personal. You could also give LDS books to the person who was just baptized. You can choose a book written by a prophet or apostle or other LDS-themed titles that are appropriate for a baptism gift.


Pictures of the prophets, temples, and scripture heroes are excellent LDS baptism gifts. Photos are a wonderful every-day reminder of the decision to be baptized and to choose the right every day. Pictures are also a great gift that will follow your newly baptized child throughout his life.

Choosing to be baptized and become a member of the LDS church is a big deal! Make sure your child knows how important this decision is by giving him a meaningful and thoughtful LDS baptism gift.

LDS Missionary Gifts

If you’ve got a missionary serving far from home, you’re probably looking for ideas and ways to support them while they serve. We know from experience how difficult it is to choose a gift, especially LDS missionary gifts. Here we’ve got some excellent LDS missionary gift ideas to help you show love and inspiration to your missionary.

CTR Rings

CTR rings make excellent gifts for missionaries. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to pick out a gift for a missionary, especially for a missionary serving in a foreign country. A CTR ring is easy to ship, can be worn every day, and is a wonderful reminder for your missionary to choose the right.  If you’re looking for a great gift to send for Christmas, birthdays, or “just because” think about a CTR ring for your missionary.

Inspirational Books

Send your missionary an LDS-themed book. Books written by prophets and apostles are completely appropriate for your missionary. Poems, inspirational books, and magazine articles make superb LDS missionary gifts.

Gift Cards

If there’s one thing a missionary can always use, it’s cash. Gift cards to Walmart, Target, or McDonalds are great LDS missionary gifts. Your missionary will be well fed and be able to pick up some of the essentials he may need. Gift cards can be a little tricky for foreign missionaries, but those serving in the United States should be able to use gift cards just about anywhere.

Care Packages

One of the best gifts for your LDS missionary is a care package. Think about things he may be missing from home or items that he needs on a day-to-day basis. You simply put all the thoughtful items in a box and ship it off! Some ideas for the care package are candy, homemade cookies, a sewing kit, new ties, or shoelaces. Missionaries always appreciate those gifts like razors, nail clippers, and toothpaste. Just think of some of the things that make home comfortable and add those into a thoughtful care package.

While your missionary is out serving the Lord for two years or 18 months, show your love and support with kind and attentive gifts. Let your missionary know you love him and support his decision to serve a mission. LDS missionary gifts can be a little tricky, but with a little thought and some creativity, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your missionary.

You Are Cordially Invited – LDS Wedding Invitations

Before you say “I do,” you’re going to need to choose the perfect LDS wedding invitation. Your invitation is the way you announce your marriage to the world, so you’ll want to make sure you have everything just right.

LDS wedding invitations usually include:

–          The invitation

–          An envelope

–          Temple sealing insert

–          Engagement photo

Your invitation or announcement should be on heavier paper. Most choose a thick card stock or photo paper. Traditional LDS wedding announcements include engraved writing and are usually in white or cream. Of course, this is just the traditional LDS wedding announcement…you can choose any color or writing that fits the theme of your wedding.

When you’re ready to stuff the envelope, keep in mind all the pieces that go into the envelope.

  1. Temple sealing insert: this is for those you want to invite to the temple sealing. Likely, you’ll only have room to invite close friends and family.
  2. Reply card: you’ll want a reply card included with your LDS wedding invitation if you’re having a luncheon or a formal dinner where you need to know the number of guests attending.
  3. Map: include a map or directions to your reception to help your guests easily get to the location.
  4. Photo: if the photo is not a part of the actual invitation, make sure you put your engagement photo in the envelope.  See below for more information about the photo.
  5. Tissue paper: a small piece of tissue paper about the same size of the photo goes into the envelope to protect the photo.

Next, you’ll want to decide if you include an engagement photo with every invitation. There’s no rule that says you have to include a photo, but many people really like photos. If someone who is receiving your invitation only knows the bride, she’ll likely appreciate the photo to see what the groom looks like. In most cases, you’ll want to include a photo for those who live far away and don’t see you as often.

You’ve got your basic information for your LDS wedding invitation, so get out there and choose a style, get your pictures taken, and start stamping!

Is it Really Worth it to Get an LDS Wedding Video?

Weddings are so expensive! By the time you buy the dress, get the flowers, pick up the centerpieces, and rent the tuxes, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of cash left over. So, you may be wondering…is it worth it to get a wedding video? The answer is an overwhelming YES! LDS wedding videos are just as important for your big day as the groom! You’ll want to remember every detail of your wedding and a video is a wonderful way to capture the tiniest of details.

Remember the Moment

You’re going to be wrapped up in all of the details on your wedding day. Between juggling time at the temple, at your luncheon, and then on to your reception, you’ll be pulled in many different directions. In two weeks or two years, you may have forgotten how you felt on your wedding day. An LDS wedding video is the perfect keepsake to help you remember every detail and the emotions you felt as you started your new family.

It’s for the Posterity

It won’t be long until you start having children and getting into the daily grind of everyday life. On day, your children may ask, “Mom, what was your wedding day like?”
Think how wonderful it will be to pop in your wedding video and show your kids your wedding. They’ll see your smiling face as you walk out of the temple doors hand in hand, they’ll see their grandparents and aunts and uncles, and they’ll be right there with you as you greet each of your guests in the receiving line. Your children will love seeing what mom and dad looked like when they were young and first in love. Your LDS wedding video will stand the test of time.

The Perfect Gift

LDS wedding videos are fantastic gifts for your parents and your grandparents. Your parents are as much a part of your wedding day as you are. In fact, your mother will likely be involved in the planning and making sure everything goes off without a hitch on your wedding day. Thank your parents and surprise your grandparents with a lovely LDS wedding video. They will cherish the simple remembrance of the day. There’s no better way to say thank you to those who helped you get to the temple than with the gift of an LDS wedding video.

As you plan your wedding budget and consider hiring a videographer, remember that it’s worth the extra expense to have an LDS wedding video. You, your future children, and your parents will all enjoy the memory of your wedding day.

For The Biggest Day Of Your Life – A Modest Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life.  And it’s the only day of your life where you are the princess, even queen of the day, especially since you’ll be married in a castle – a temple.  Having the perfect wedding dress is key to being the star of your own show.  You do not want to be upstaged by your bridesmaids or maid of honor.  You are number one on your wedding day and you have to look like it.

Modest Wedding Dresses

Being LDS, getting a wedding dress that is modest is important to you.  Finding a modest wedding dress is difficult to do, especially when they are not particularly in style.  Finding a modest wedding dress is also important if you plan wearing it in the temple and not just for photos and the reception.  Luckily, there are many resources for you to find that perfect, modest wedding dress for your wedding.

Valuable Resources To Find The Perfect Dress

Scanning bridal magazines is fun and can be really time consuming, especially since a lot of emphasis is placed on not-so-modest dresses.  The internet can be a wonderful resource for you to find that perfect, modest wedding dress that you can even wear to your temple ceremony!  It is as simple as typing  keywords into your search engine like “modest wedding dress” and “LDS wedding dress”.  You will find infinite resources from the worldwide web.

What Style Is Best For You?

Finding a style that fits you is essential.  You have to look your best on the biggest day of your life.  There are so many styles to choose from and trends are changing constantly.  Your wedding day is your day to be the princess.  And you probably want to look like one too!  A perfect style for the classic and ultimate princess look is a bell-shaped skirt.  It is big, bold and beautiful!

Glitzy And Glamorous

Are you more of a girly girl?  Then, you probably want glitzy, glamorous and shiny!  Beading gives your dress intricate detail that will produce “oohs” and ahhs” from your guests and more importantly, your husband!  Whether you are a classic bride who wants studs of pearls or a more modern bride who desires glassy-looking beads, beading is a surefire way to spice up your dress!

Plain And Simple

If you are a simple girl who wants just the basics in a wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with a square- or v-neck dress.  A shorter train, simple and straight, whatever you want, you can find!  There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing bride in a classic white dress!


Trends today are exactly what you make them.  Your dress and style could and probably will be the next trend for someone visiting you on your wedding day.  No matter your style: classic, modern, glitzy, it could possibly be the next trend.  Brides will always be beautiful and glowing in white.  Make your day perfect with your perfect wedding dress!

From Hangout to Date: LDS Dating Ideas

If you’re a LDS single, you know the age-old question…when are you going to get married? Getting married is the easy part. We all know the hardest part of the whole marriage equation is asking someone out on a first date. It’s scary and yes, you risk rejection, but if that gal or guy has caught your eye across the chapel, then maybe it’s time to take a risk and ask for a date! LDS dating is tricky, but it can also be a lot of fun! So if you’re ready to take the hang out to a real date, check out some fun date ideas:

Take advantage of Firesides

Every LDS single knows that fast Sunday means there will be a CES fireside. Take advantage of this already-planned day and turn it into a date. Most firesides have some kind of refreshments or social activity afterwards. This is the perfect time to talk to your date and learn more about her. You’ve got your spiritual and your social out of the way! Plus, firesides are free!

Plan a Group Date

Group dates aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Young and old LDS singles enjoy a fun and creative group date. Go on a picture scavenger hunt, eat a progressive dinner, or go mini-golfing! When you’re with a group of people, you can be silly and have fun. The pressure of the date is off so you can really see true personalities shining forth.

Go On a Dessert Date

The old standby of dinner and a movie is, quite frankly, boring. Plus, paying for two dinners and two movie tickets can get really expensive, really quickly. So why not plan a dessert date? When it comes to LDS dating, you can never go wrong with food! You could have a dessert contest and then sample all of the goods! This works well on single or group dates.

Remember the counsel given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks: A date always contains the 3 p’s: Planned ahead, paid for, and paired off. When it’s time for you, as a LDS single, to take a leap and ask that cute red head out on a date, keep these fun ideas in mind. You’ll impress your date…and you never know, you may be one step closer to taking yourself completely out of the LDS dating scene.

A Beautiful Reception For A Beautiful Couple

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the biggest day of your life and it has to be perfect.  From the dress to the flowers, from the cake to the reception decorations, every detail must be perfect.  Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, your wedding reception decorations must fit your personality.

A Beautiful Reception

No matter your wedding colors, an essential part of your wedding and reception is that everything looks great.  Everything needs to flow, match and tell your story in a beautiful way.  Are you running short on ideas for your reception decorations?  Here are a few ideas.

Unique Decorations For Your Perfect Day

  • Flowers.  You already have them, so use them in ways different than you’ve seen before.  Float single flowers in water bowl swith marbles or irredescent stones.  Decorate your wedding cake with fresh flowers that match your bouquet.  These elements will tie your decorations together for a uniform look and feel.  If flowers are a bit too common for you, try this.
  • Fish.  Instead of floating flowers in water bowls, how about fish?  Beta fish are perfect for this because they come in a variety of colors and will be easy to match to your wedding colors.
  • Photos.  Frame small photos of you and your spouse and place them on the tables.  You can keep all the frames uniform or you can have a variety.  When the reception is over, they make great gifts for your kitchen helpers and servers.
  • Layered table linens.  Layer your table linens or use runners across the tables to accentuate them.  Table linens are simple to customize to match your colors and even add a little extra splash of color.
  • Lights.  To set a romantic mood, use string lights throughout the room so you do not have to use overhead lights.  This will provide a calm and romantic atmosphere.  String the lights on tables and even chairs to create a soft glow in the room.
  • Gazebo and bench.  For you and your spouse, get a gazebo or arch and a bench.  Decorate them with lights of a different color to distinguish both of you from the rest of the people and decor.  A bench is wonderful for those times when the line may stop or you just need a break.
  • Confetti.  Sprinkling confetti along the tables is a glitzy way to add just a bit more flare to your decor.  Silver, gold, black or white are perfect colors that match nearly anything.  Shapes such as wedding bells, a bride or wedding cakes are wonderful options as well if you are looking for a bit more detail.

Head-Turning Decor

Your decorations are sure to turn heads and leave people talking if you use these unique ideas.  Your wedding reception will be as perfect as your ceremony with the right decorations.

The Perfect Memory For The Perfect Day

You want to remember your wedding forever so why leave your memories only in your mind when you can have a wedding video?  Your wedding was unforgettable and you want to keep it that way.

Record Your Memories

A wedding video can be as simple as a collection of photos of you and your spouse and you can add home videos, music and other special effects to make your video something to be proud of.  Not only is this a record of your lives up to the point of your special day, a wedding video tells you and your spouse’s life stories.

A Nice Addition To Your Wedding Reception

A wedding video is a perfect addition to your wedding reception.  It gives your guests the pleasure of watching you and your spouse grow up, meet and fall in love in a matter of minutes.  And your guests will fall in love with the idea of having a wedding video.

A Wonderful Gift

A wedding video is a wonderful option as a gift for your spouse or even a gift for your loved ones.  Your spouse will be surprised and delighted to receive such a beautiful collection of memories.  A wedding video is also a great gift for someone who just could not make it to your wedding.  Consider maybe that a sibling or dear friend lives far away.  A wedding video is perfect for your friend or sibling.

A Story For All Time

A wedding video is your story for all time.  It is a story that will last forever and keep your wedding memories close.  It will be among your favorite and most prized possessions.  It tells your story, your love story.

A Record For The Ages

A wedding video is a record of you and your spouse’s lives and the ultimate love story.  It is a record you will happy to share with your children, grandchildren and so on so they can see you and your spouse’s lives, your wedding and the undying love you have for each other.

The Joy Of A Wedding Video

A wedding video will ensure that you will never forget all those special moments that lead to your perfect day.  It will be a wonderful reminder of the love you and your spouse share for you, your family, your friends and others.  A wedding video is the perfect memory of your perfect day and your perfect love.

Dating Ideas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Being LDS and single can be difficult sometimes.  The LDS focus on the family does not mean you have to be miserable and single.  In fact, there are many ways to have fun on clean, wholesome dates.  Sometimes your mind goes blank, especially if you’re crushing on somebody!  You may have a difficult time deciding what to do for that perfect date to impress your special someone.  You need something creative and fun…and original.  Make the best of your date with these great dating ideas that are sure to impress anyone!

Boring Dates

There are many classic and boring dating ideas.  You could go to a movie and dinner, or just dinner, but that is just not good enough for today’s dating world.  Here are some creative and unique ideas for your date that are sure to please.

Not-So-Boring Dates

  • Instead of going to a movie, make a movie.  Role play your own version of a classic or your favorite film.  Get costumes and make sure the film has easy-to-remember lines.  If you cannot decide on a movie, make up your own.  This also makes it easier to get a second date as you will have to watch it after making it!  This would also work for a group date if you or your date are uncomfortable with single dating.
  • Put together a bunch of games you like to play.  Ask your date about his or her favorite games as well.  There’s no better way to get to know someone over a good game.
  • Go thrift shopping.  It may sound boring but try this: have a monetary limit and let your date pick out a custom outfit for you and you the same for your date.  Give criteria such as certain colors or patterns and see who comes up with the most ridiculous outfit!
  • Bowling can be boring, but you can liven up your bowling date by having your date choose how you bowl and you the same for your date.  Try bowling between the legs, over the head, backwards or on your stomach.  There are countless ways to bowl that can be creative and fun!
  • Make a list of things to find in stores.  Make sure they are different and difficult to find.  Take your digital camera and take photos of all things you can find on the list.  This is especially fun with a group as you can compare photos at the end of the scavenger hunt.  Be sure to do creative things with the stuff you find to make the best photos!
  • Make dinner exciting by doing a traveling dinner.  For every course, go to a different restaurant or location.  To make it more cost effective, you can prepare ahead by making the food yourself and placing it in several locations.  You can also go to several fast food restaurants and order solely off the value menu.

Make It Fun By Being You

There are so many ideas for awesome dates.  You don’t have to be miserable anymore or ever!  Just remember to be yourself and throw in your own creative twists.  This is the most creative way to impress a date!  Be yourself, have fun!

It’s Great To Be Baptized – Gifts For The Newest Member Of The Church

Baptism is an important part of a child’s life.  It signifies a growing-up moment and also a new beginning.  A baptism day should not be forgotten and there are many ways to make sure it is not.

Baptism Gifts

Where do you begin with a gift for a someone who has just been baptized?  Here are a few ideas to help you decide what the perfect gift will be and one that will always be remembered.

  • Book of Mormon.  A Book of Mormon is a perfect gift for a newly baptized member.  Personalize it by writing your testimony or a nice note on a piece of paper and place it in the cover of the book.  If you want to personalize it even more, have the person’s name engraved on the front.  It is a gift he or she will never forget.
  • Photo.  Take a photo of the person on their baptism day.  You could even do a before shot and an after shot and place them together in a nice frame.  Write a nice note or find a poem to go with the photo so he or she can always remember the special feelings they felt that day.
  • CTR Ring.  A CTR ring is a wonderful gift idea for someone who has just been washed clean.  It is easy to personalize this gift because there are so many different varieties of  CTR rings ranging from different colors, metals and styles.  It will be a constant reminder of his or her baptism and a gentle, loving nudge from you to help him or her always choose the right and stay true to the baptismal covenants.
  • Note/Poem.  If you are short on money, write a nice note of congratulations.  If you have a knack for writing, compose a personalized poem.  Find a nice frame for the poem so it can hang or sit in a place that will make it a beautiful and constant reminder of baptism

A Beautiful Gift For A Beautiful Day

Any gift you choose is sure to please the newest baptized member of the Church.  He or she will be so appreciative of such thoughtfulness from you.