All Dressed in White: LDS Wedding Dress Styles

We’re coming up on wedding season and that means…lots of beautiful new trends and styles. For the LDS bride, keeping up on trends and styles can be accomplished while still maintaining a modest look. Sure, you are looking for a gorgeous, modest wedding gown, but you can take some of the trends hot off the runway for your LDS wedding dress. Mormon wedding dresses can be just as beautiful and stylish as those you see in the magazines. Check out some of these new trends hot for 2010.

Back in Time

Prints, especially florals, are really popular this season. You can easily incorporate this trend into your Mormon wedding dress with some simple accessories. Try adding a floral belt to your dress or big earrings.

Splashes of Color

Another style seen on the runways is color…and lots of it! LDS wedding dresses are traditionally white only. If you want to keep with the white wedding dress, but add some modern style, simply add a colored sash. Modern brides, even LDS brides, are not afraid to add a splash of color to their white dresses.

Lovely Lace

Lace is classic and simply stunning. If you want to bring a romantic and feminine look to your LDS wedding gown, try lace. You could use simple touches of lace, or have your entire gown made from lace. Lacey sleeves are particularly delicate and delightful on LDS wedding dresses.


Ribbons, ruffles, flowers, and bows are all big this wedding season. The ruffles and the bows add the ultra feminine touch. Plus, ribbons and bows are easily added to LDS wedding dresses.

Stunning Embroidery

The classic look of the 1920s and 1930s is in this year. A beautiful way to incorporate this trend into your LDS wedding gown is with embroidery. Simple flowers and delicate patterns look amazing when embroidered on your wedding dress. You can also incorporate embroidery on your veil or train.

1950s Flair

The 1950s trend is especially nice for LDS wedding dresses. Bridal designers are incorporating high necklines and tulle skirts into designs for this trend. LDS brides love this style because there isn’t much altering that needs to be done to make the dress modest.

LDS wedding dresses can be modern and stylish, while still being modest. It’s fairly easy to add some of this season’s latest styles and trends into your Mormon wedding dress. Bring some of the runway to your big day with lovely styles.

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