Modest Clothing for Young Girls

The weather is warming up and just like for moms, modest clothing can be a challenge for our daughters. Short skirts, shorts, and immodest swimming suits seem to be around every corner and on every rack in the mall. This summer, help your daughter stay cool…and modest…with these fun fashion tips.

Shorts and Skirts

Shorts and skirts, especially in the Juniors Department, tend to be on the short side. The good news is there’s an easy, and fashionable, way to solve the problem. Simply add a pair of leggings under shorts and skirts that tend to be a little too short. You’ll instantly turn an outfit that may have been inappropriate into an instant modest find. Just don’t tell your daughter you wore leggings in the ‘80s. She might not think they are so cool with that bit of news.

Swimming Suits

Another tough spot when it comes to modesty is swimming suits. Many girls want to wear the cute bikinis. You know that your daughter will be most comfortable in a modest, one-piece suit, but convincing your daughter to go the one piece route isn’t always the easiest. Luckily, the tankini can make you both happy! The tankini is in style and is a modest two-piece bathing suit with a long tank top. Your daughter can feel stylish in a two-piece suit and you’ll be comfortable knowing your daughter is covered up at the pool.

Tank Tops

Yes, tank tops can be modest. Of course, not when worn alone, but using those tank tops to layer is a great thing to do. Layering is in this season, so your daughter will look oh so cute with a bright colored tank under her favorite dress or top.

Getting your daughter to dress modestly can be a bit tricky at times, but it’s not impossible. Start small and show your daughter that it is possible to be stylish, attractive, and modest all at the same time. And remember, the best way to teach about modesty is by example. When you choose to dress modestly, your daughter will follow.

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