Family Home Evening When You’re Single

Being single in the LDS church doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own Family Home Evening (FHE). Whether you have never been married, are newly single, or have long since lost your eternal companion, you can still find joy in holding weekly FHEs. Finding the right activities for FHE can be a bit tricky without little kids around, but with a little creativity you’ll soon be on your way to holding a fun weekly FHE of your own.

Find a Group of Other Singles

Chances are there are a lot of other single people around you. Find those in your ward and neighborhood who are in the same situation and form a Family Home Evening group. Get together for dinner, to go bowling, or watch movies. You could have a game night or just gather to eat treats and chat. Trade off with each other on planning activities. Pretty soon, you’ll have a group of friends, as well as some company on Monday nights.

Study Gospel Topics

If you aren’t really into getting together with a group of people, but still want to obey the counsel to hold regular FHE, you could set aside a night to study Gospel topics. Pick up the newest Ensign, choose a chapter in the Book of Mormon to study, or read a church-related book. Take an hour or two, turn off the TV, and just relish the quiet solitude that comes from thinking and pondering about sacred subjects.

Connect with Family

Just because your family doesn’t live in your home with you, doesn’t mean you don’t have family. Spend your FHE connecting with your family members. Send an email to a nephew, call your mom, or write a note to grandma. You could even do some family genealogy. Search for records or find a family story that is inspiring.

Whether single, married, living alone, or living with small children, Family Home Evening is for everyone. Choose one night out of the week that works for you and your schedule and spend some time reconnecting with your spiritual self. You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits and blessings that come from participating in FHE, no matter your station in life.

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