Sweet 16: LDS Birthday Party Ideas

Every young girl in the LDS church looks forward to her 16th birthday with eager anticipation. This is the day she can date! Now, she can go to those high school dances, drive a car, and finally explore the world she’s been waiting to be a part of. The LDS 16th birthday party is a big deal! Help your daughter celebrate her Sweet 16 in a unique and special way.

A Night Out on the Town

Your daughter is on the brink of adulthood. Give your daughter a taste of the finer life with a night out on the town with a few girlfriends. Rent a car and driver, let her pick out a fancy dress, and head out to enjoy some fine dining. Your daughter and her friends will feel like princesses for a day!

Co-Ed Dance Party

Now that your daughter is 16 and getting ready to date, a co-ed birthday party might be a fun idea. If you’re comfortable with a little loud music and a bunch of teenage hormones, round up some chaperones and plan a dance party! You might want to hire a DJ and rent a place for the dance, or keep it simple and prepare a “night club” in your basement. LDS birthday parties with a dance theme can be a great way for your daughter to celebrate this most special birthday.

Blast from the Past

The sweet 16 is a great time to have an 80s themed party. Your daughter didn’t live through the 80s, but you did. Show her how much fun it was back in the “good ol’ days” with a blast from the past party. Play music from the time, dress in neon clothes, and watch a great movie from the day. In fact, “Sixteen Candles” would be a great movie to watch for this big day!

Sweet 16…such a magical and wonderful day in any young girl’s life. Help your daughter enter this new stage in life with a fun LDS birthday party. You, and your daughter, will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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