Turning 12: LDS Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pre-Teen

Turning 12, especially in the LDS culture, is a big deal. It’s the year girls graduate from Primary and enter into the Young Women’s program. Many girls look forward to this day with eager anticipation. As a mother, you may be wondering what type of party to throw for your daughter…she’s not a little girl anymore, but not yet a woman. We’ve got some fun LDS birthday party ideas that will help you celebrate this big birthday.

Spa Delight

Every girl or woman loves a little pampering every now and then. While 12 years old is probably a little young for make-up, you can still have a lot of fun with a spa party for your daughter. Let her invite a few friends over and then create stations where the girls can get pedicures, paint their nails, and get their hair done. Keep it all simple and really girly. For example, bright red nail polish is probably a little much for 12 year old girls, but paint their toenails with glitter, hot pinks, and pastel colors. The girls will feel grown up, and you’ll feel satisfied that your little girl isn’t growing up too fast. After the pampering, decorate cupcakes and watch a chick flick!

Scrapbook Party

A really fun LDS birthday party for girls is a scrapbook party. This kind of party is especially easy to pull off with a digital camera. Send the girls out on a little scavenger hunt to take pictures. Before hand, make up a list of specific scenes or situations they need to take pictures of. Then, come home, download the pictures on the computer, print, and let the girls create their own scrapbook! They’ll stay occupied for hours. Plus, each girl goes home with a fun reminder of the birthday party.

Make Jewelry

Most girls love jewelry. Get a jewelry-making kit or a bunch of beads and let each girl make a piece of jewelry. Not only is it fun, but they’ll have a keepsake to remember your party with. Think how fun it will be to see the girls at church wearing the necklace they made at your daughter’s birthday party.

Turning 12 is such a fun and exciting time in an LDS girl’s life. Help her have a great birthday by planning a fun, and yet still appropriate, 12th birthday party.

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