Celebrating the 8th Birthday

It’s great to be 8…especially in the LDS world. For boys and girls who have been raised in the church, the 8th birthday means getting baptized and becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is a big birthday, and you want your child to remember this day. Holding a birthday party that is as special as this day is easy and fun. Check out some of our creative LDS birthday party ideas.

Everything in Eights

Your child is turning 8, so why not have the number “8” be the theme. You could invite 8 special guests, play 8 different games, eat 8 types of cake…you get the point. Your child will have a blast celebrating this birthday with everything that reminds him of turning 8.

A Spiritual Birthday

The LDS 8th birthday is really special and you may want to turn this day into a more spiritual day. If you live close to a temple, take your family to the temple. Sit outside the temple grounds, read some scriptures, and bear your testimony of the importance of the temple and eternal families to your children. Your child will know how important the Church is to you as he hears you share your inner thoughts and feelings. After a trip to the temple, go out for a family dinner or celebrate with birthday cake.

CTR Themed Party

As your child turns 8, he is making a big decision—the decision to become a member of the Church. To get to this point of baptism, and to live a worthy life from here on out, your child will have to choose the right. Why not celebrate with a CTR themed birthday party? You could play games that deal with choices and consequences, go on a treasure hunt for “treasures”, and give each guest a CTR ring as a party favor. Decorate in the traditional green and silver of a CTR ring. Your child will surely remember this special day and what it means to make good choices in his life.

LDS birthday parties can be so much fun! When your child turns 8 and is ready to be baptized, make his birthday extra special with one of the creative ideas found here. Remember, it’s great to be 8!

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