Is it Really Worth it to Get an LDS Wedding Video?

Weddings are so expensive! By the time you buy the dress, get the flowers, pick up the centerpieces, and rent the tuxes, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of cash left over. So, you may be wondering…is it worth it to get a wedding video? The answer is an overwhelming YES! LDS wedding videos are just as important for your big day as the groom! You’ll want to remember every detail of your wedding and a video is a wonderful way to capture the tiniest of details.

Remember the Moment

You’re going to be wrapped up in all of the details on your wedding day. Between juggling time at the temple, at your luncheon, and then on to your reception, you’ll be pulled in many different directions. In two weeks or two years, you may have forgotten how you felt on your wedding day. An LDS wedding video is the perfect keepsake to help you remember every detail and the emotions you felt as you started your new family.

It’s for the Posterity

It won’t be long until you start having children and getting into the daily grind of everyday life. On day, your children may ask, “Mom, what was your wedding day like?”
Think how wonderful it will be to pop in your wedding video and show your kids your wedding. They’ll see your smiling face as you walk out of the temple doors hand in hand, they’ll see their grandparents and aunts and uncles, and they’ll be right there with you as you greet each of your guests in the receiving line. Your children will love seeing what mom and dad looked like when they were young and first in love. Your LDS wedding video will stand the test of time.

The Perfect Gift

LDS wedding videos are fantastic gifts for your parents and your grandparents. Your parents are as much a part of your wedding day as you are. In fact, your mother will likely be involved in the planning and making sure everything goes off without a hitch on your wedding day. Thank your parents and surprise your grandparents with a lovely LDS wedding video. They will cherish the simple remembrance of the day. There’s no better way to say thank you to those who helped you get to the temple than with the gift of an LDS wedding video.

As you plan your wedding budget and consider hiring a videographer, remember that it’s worth the extra expense to have an LDS wedding video. You, your future children, and your parents will all enjoy the memory of your wedding day.

The Perfect Memory For The Perfect Day

You want to remember your wedding forever so why leave your memories only in your mind when you can have a wedding video?  Your wedding was unforgettable and you want to keep it that way.

Record Your Memories

A wedding video can be as simple as a collection of photos of you and your spouse and you can add home videos, music and other special effects to make your video something to be proud of.  Not only is this a record of your lives up to the point of your special day, a wedding video tells you and your spouse’s life stories.

A Nice Addition To Your Wedding Reception

A wedding video is a perfect addition to your wedding reception.  It gives your guests the pleasure of watching you and your spouse grow up, meet and fall in love in a matter of minutes.  And your guests will fall in love with the idea of having a wedding video.

A Wonderful Gift

A wedding video is a wonderful option as a gift for your spouse or even a gift for your loved ones.  Your spouse will be surprised and delighted to receive such a beautiful collection of memories.  A wedding video is also a great gift for someone who just could not make it to your wedding.  Consider maybe that a sibling or dear friend lives far away.  A wedding video is perfect for your friend or sibling.

A Story For All Time

A wedding video is your story for all time.  It is a story that will last forever and keep your wedding memories close.  It will be among your favorite and most prized possessions.  It tells your story, your love story.

A Record For The Ages

A wedding video is a record of you and your spouse’s lives and the ultimate love story.  It is a record you will happy to share with your children, grandchildren and so on so they can see you and your spouse’s lives, your wedding and the undying love you have for each other.

The Joy Of A Wedding Video

A wedding video will ensure that you will never forget all those special moments that lead to your perfect day.  It will be a wonderful reminder of the love you and your spouse share for you, your family, your friends and others.  A wedding video is the perfect memory of your perfect day and your perfect love.

LDS Wedding Videos to Stand the Test of Time

Your marriage is for eternity, so shouldn’t your LDS wedding video last you just as long? OK, so maybe your wedding video can’t last for an eternity, but when it comes time to choose an LDS wedding videographer, you’ll want to make sure your video is made with the highest quality and attention to the finest details. Keep a few ideas in mind as you choose the person who will be documenting your wedding day. After all, it’s your wedding day…you want the wedding video to be just as special as the big day itself!

LDS Wedding Videos are Unique…Choose Someone Who Understands LDS Weddings

When it comes to your wedding video, you can’t rely on just anyone to point a camcorder and capture the details of your special day. You want to choose a videographer who understands the unique nature of a LDS wedding. Your wedding video should include the temple, your reception, and all of your relatives who attend the wedding. To capture of all these locations, your videographer will need to travel. If you look around, you should be able to find a reputable company who specializes in LDS wedding videos.

Pay Attention to the Music Lyrics

Once you’ve chosen a videographer, the next most important choice for your LDS wedding video is the music. You’ll want to pay special attention to the lyrics of the songs you choose. Some songs have excellent beats and rhythms, but the actual words to the song are not appropriate for weddings. Before you make your playlist, be certain you understand what the lyrics are all about. If you just aren’t sure what songs to choose, don’t hesitate to ask your videographer. He’ll have a list of tunes appropriate for your wedding date.

Choose a Variety

And while we’re on the subject of music for LDS wedding videos, don’t forget about a variety of songs. The best and most entertaining videos have songs from different genres and tempos for different sections of the video.  The change of pace and mood created by a variety of songs makes the video so much more enjoyable! Not every song needs to be Celine Dion or Shania Twain.

Remember, your LDS wedding video is a momentum of your big day! Choose wisely and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of all the fun from your wedding day. LDS wedding videos are a bit different from traditional wedding videos, so be sure to keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for your wedding video.