All Dressed in White: LDS Wedding Dress Styles

We’re coming up on wedding season and that means…lots of beautiful new trends and styles. For the LDS bride, keeping up on trends and styles can be accomplished while still maintaining a modest look. Sure, you are looking for a gorgeous, modest wedding gown, but you can take some of the trends hot off the runway for your LDS wedding dress. Mormon wedding dresses can be just as beautiful and stylish as those you see in the magazines. Check out some of these new trends hot for 2010.

Back in Time

Prints, especially florals, are really popular this season. You can easily incorporate this trend into your Mormon wedding dress with some simple accessories. Try adding a floral belt to your dress or big earrings.

Splashes of Color

Another style seen on the runways is color…and lots of it! LDS wedding dresses are traditionally white only. If you want to keep with the white wedding dress, but add some modern style, simply add a colored sash. Modern brides, even LDS brides, are not afraid to add a splash of color to their white dresses.

Lovely Lace

Lace is classic and simply stunning. If you want to bring a romantic and feminine look to your LDS wedding gown, try lace. You could use simple touches of lace, or have your entire gown made from lace. Lacey sleeves are particularly delicate and delightful on LDS wedding dresses.


Ribbons, ruffles, flowers, and bows are all big this wedding season. The ruffles and the bows add the ultra feminine touch. Plus, ribbons and bows are easily added to LDS wedding dresses.

Stunning Embroidery

The classic look of the 1920s and 1930s is in this year. A beautiful way to incorporate this trend into your LDS wedding gown is with embroidery. Simple flowers and delicate patterns look amazing when embroidered on your wedding dress. You can also incorporate embroidery on your veil or train.

1950s Flair

The 1950s trend is especially nice for LDS wedding dresses. Bridal designers are incorporating high necklines and tulle skirts into designs for this trend. LDS brides love this style because there isn’t much altering that needs to be done to make the dress modest.

LDS wedding dresses can be modern and stylish, while still being modest. It’s fairly easy to add some of this season’s latest styles and trends into your Mormon wedding dress. Bring some of the runway to your big day with lovely styles.

For The Biggest Day Of Your Life – A Modest Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life.  And it’s the only day of your life where you are the princess, even queen of the day, especially since you’ll be married in a castle – a temple.  Having the perfect wedding dress is key to being the star of your own show.  You do not want to be upstaged by your bridesmaids or maid of honor.  You are number one on your wedding day and you have to look like it.

Modest Wedding Dresses

Being LDS, getting a wedding dress that is modest is important to you.  Finding a modest wedding dress is difficult to do, especially when they are not particularly in style.  Finding a modest wedding dress is also important if you plan wearing it in the temple and not just for photos and the reception.  Luckily, there are many resources for you to find that perfect, modest wedding dress for your wedding.

Valuable Resources To Find The Perfect Dress

Scanning bridal magazines is fun and can be really time consuming, especially since a lot of emphasis is placed on not-so-modest dresses.  The internet can be a wonderful resource for you to find that perfect, modest wedding dress that you can even wear to your temple ceremony!  It is as simple as typing  keywords into your search engine like “modest wedding dress” and “LDS wedding dress”.  You will find infinite resources from the worldwide web.

What Style Is Best For You?

Finding a style that fits you is essential.  You have to look your best on the biggest day of your life.  There are so many styles to choose from and trends are changing constantly.  Your wedding day is your day to be the princess.  And you probably want to look like one too!  A perfect style for the classic and ultimate princess look is a bell-shaped skirt.  It is big, bold and beautiful!

Glitzy And Glamorous

Are you more of a girly girl?  Then, you probably want glitzy, glamorous and shiny!  Beading gives your dress intricate detail that will produce “oohs” and ahhs” from your guests and more importantly, your husband!  Whether you are a classic bride who wants studs of pearls or a more modern bride who desires glassy-looking beads, beading is a surefire way to spice up your dress!

Plain And Simple

If you are a simple girl who wants just the basics in a wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with a square- or v-neck dress.  A shorter train, simple and straight, whatever you want, you can find!  There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing bride in a classic white dress!


Trends today are exactly what you make them.  Your dress and style could and probably will be the next trend for someone visiting you on your wedding day.  No matter your style: classic, modern, glitzy, it could possibly be the next trend.  Brides will always be beautiful and glowing in white.  Make your day perfect with your perfect wedding dress!

Here Comes the Bride: Choosing a LDS Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life…you want to look stunning and absolutely beautiful. Choosing a LDS wedding dress that fits and flatters you can be quite the task. But it doesn’t have to be. When you are looking for the perfect Mormon wedding dress, keep a few simple tips in mind.

Check Out Bridal Magazines

Look through magazines to get an idea of what you like. Likely you won’t find a wedding dress that fits your LDS standards, but you can at least see what kinds of fabrics and styles fit your tastes. Bridal magazines are an excellent place to start your search.

Think about The Dress You’ll Wear for Your Temple Wedding

There are certain styles and colors (white only) that you can wear in your actual temple ceremony. Keeping this in mind will help you find your perfect LDS wedding dress. If you fall in love with a beautiful ivory dress or want to add a sash of color, don’t worry! You can wear a simple white dress for the temple ceremony and you change into your dream dress for the pictures and reception.

It’s Your Mormon Wedding Dress, Not Your Mother’s

Most brides take their mother, or close friends, with them to look for the perfect wedding dress. Remember, when choose your LDS wedding gown, this is your choice…and not your mothers. Many brides have a specific style or shape in mind for their wedding dress. Sometimes, the style a bride loves isn’t the most traditional. Moms may have an idea of what their daughters should look like on the big day, but this is your day and you are the one that needs to feel beautiful.

Above all else, remember this is your wedding day! You’ll look stunning in your LDS wedding dress with all eyes on you. Keep these simple tips in mind as you search for your LDS wedding gown…and don’t forget to kiss the groom!