Dating Ideas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Being LDS and single can be difficult sometimes.  The LDS focus on the family does not mean you have to be miserable and single.  In fact, there are many ways to have fun on clean, wholesome dates.  Sometimes your mind goes blank, especially if you’re crushing on somebody!  You may have a difficult time deciding what to do for that perfect date to impress your special someone.  You need something creative and fun…and original.  Make the best of your date with these great dating ideas that are sure to impress anyone!

Boring Dates

There are many classic and boring dating ideas.  You could go to a movie and dinner, or just dinner, but that is just not good enough for today’s dating world.  Here are some creative and unique ideas for your date that are sure to please.

Not-So-Boring Dates

  • Instead of going to a movie, make a movie.  Role play your own version of a classic or your favorite film.  Get costumes and make sure the film has easy-to-remember lines.  If you cannot decide on a movie, make up your own.  This also makes it easier to get a second date as you will have to watch it after making it!  This would also work for a group date if you or your date are uncomfortable with single dating.
  • Put together a bunch of games you like to play.  Ask your date about his or her favorite games as well.  There’s no better way to get to know someone over a good game.
  • Go thrift shopping.  It may sound boring but try this: have a monetary limit and let your date pick out a custom outfit for you and you the same for your date.  Give criteria such as certain colors or patterns and see who comes up with the most ridiculous outfit!
  • Bowling can be boring, but you can liven up your bowling date by having your date choose how you bowl and you the same for your date.  Try bowling between the legs, over the head, backwards or on your stomach.  There are countless ways to bowl that can be creative and fun!
  • Make a list of things to find in stores.  Make sure they are different and difficult to find.  Take your digital camera and take photos of all things you can find on the list.  This is especially fun with a group as you can compare photos at the end of the scavenger hunt.  Be sure to do creative things with the stuff you find to make the best photos!
  • Make dinner exciting by doing a traveling dinner.  For every course, go to a different restaurant or location.  To make it more cost effective, you can prepare ahead by making the food yourself and placing it in several locations.  You can also go to several fast food restaurants and order solely off the value menu.

Make It Fun By Being You

There are so many ideas for awesome dates.  You don’t have to be miserable anymore or ever!  Just remember to be yourself and throw in your own creative twists.  This is the most creative way to impress a date!  Be yourself, have fun!