Family Home Evening When You’re Single

Being single in the LDS church doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own Family Home Evening (FHE). Whether you have never been married, are newly single, or have long since lost your eternal companion, you can still find joy in holding weekly FHEs. Finding the right activities for FHE can be a bit tricky without little kids around, but with a little creativity you’ll soon be on your way to holding a fun weekly FHE of your own.

Find a Group of Other Singles

Chances are there are a lot of other single people around you. Find those in your ward and neighborhood who are in the same situation and form a Family Home Evening group. Get together for dinner, to go bowling, or watch movies. You could have a game night or just gather to eat treats and chat. Trade off with each other on planning activities. Pretty soon, you’ll have a group of friends, as well as some company on Monday nights.

Study Gospel Topics

If you aren’t really into getting together with a group of people, but still want to obey the counsel to hold regular FHE, you could set aside a night to study Gospel topics. Pick up the newest Ensign, choose a chapter in the Book of Mormon to study, or read a church-related book. Take an hour or two, turn off the TV, and just relish the quiet solitude that comes from thinking and pondering about sacred subjects.

Connect with Family

Just because your family doesn’t live in your home with you, doesn’t mean you don’t have family. Spend your FHE connecting with your family members. Send an email to a nephew, call your mom, or write a note to grandma. You could even do some family genealogy. Search for records or find a family story that is inspiring.

Whether single, married, living alone, or living with small children, Family Home Evening is for everyone. Choose one night out of the week that works for you and your schedule and spend some time reconnecting with your spiritual self. You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits and blessings that come from participating in FHE, no matter your station in life.

The Family That Plays Together: Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening (FHE) is a day set aside each week to spend time with our family. The LDS Church encourages us to spend Monday nights as a family, but any day you set aside as family time will work just fine for family night. We all know that families that play together, will stay together. The more time we spend together as a family, the more likely we are to create strong bonds, to confide in each other, and to help one another through the storms of life. President Thomas S. Monson has said, “We cannot afford to neglect this heaven-inspired program. The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest.”

What is Family Home Evening?

Family Home Evening is a time to get together with your family (usually held on Monday nights) to learn more about the gospel and to have a fun time together. Most families start with a prayer, have a short lesson, continue with an activity, and then enjoy a treat together. It’s a special time set aside each week for family, no matter what you choose to do. FHE brings family together and strengthens their love for each other. Weekly FHE will also help the family to grow closer to Heavenly Father and encourage each other to make good decision in life.

Making Family Home Evening Work

Sometimes, even your best efforts can seem futile. I remember plenty of FHEs as a child where my mother ended up in tears because we kids weren’t listening or we sat there and complained about “being with the family.” You will have those days, despite your best efforts. But the important thing to do when it comes to FHE is to keep doing it. Consistency is key. When your children are adults, they may not remember the specific lessons or the treats, but they will remember that you cared enough to keep trying and to keep holding FHE. Your example to be obedient to the prophet’s counsel may be the best lesson you could ever teach your children.

Making Mall Finds Modest Gems

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time for some summer clothing! If you’re like most women who want to be stylish, yet still modest, it can sometimes be hard to find cute clothes that are cool and comfortable. You know it’s important to dress modestly, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide in jeans and long-sleeved shirts! We’ve got some great ideas to help you take the clothes you buy at the mall and turn them into cute modest outfits.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Make the tank top your new best friend this summer! A long tank top, made out of thin material looks great underneath a low-cut shirt or dress. Plus, the tank won’t add bulk! Tank tops cover backs and bellies too, so go ahead and layer up those tops and dresses you didn’t think you could wear. Stick to basic colors like black and white and you’ll be able to match most outfits.

Make Your Own Shorts

No, we’re not talking about getting the sewing machine out of the closet. But you can take your old jeans (maybe some you were getting ready to get rid of anyway) and give them new life. Simply cut the legs off your jeans or cargo pants just above or right at the knee and you’ve got a cute new pair of shorts. And the best news is that long shorts are in this season. You can leave the hem raw after you cut the jeans or simply sew a hem around the bottom of the leg.

Leggings are Back

Remember those adorable leggings from 1985? Well, good news…they are back in style! Leggings are the perfect way to take that skirt that is just a little too short and make it modest. We’re not talking about the mini skirt here, because let’s be honest a short skirt is a short skirt! But if you’ve got a skirt that’s just a little higher than your knee (or shorter than you’re comfortable with) go ahead and add a simple pair of leggings and you’ll instantly take that short skirt to modest skirt.

Remember, just because you want to be modest doesn’t mean you have to forgo your style! With just a few simple tricks and a little creativity, you can easily take the styles you find in the mall and turn them into modest fashion gems.

Modest Clothing for Young Girls

The weather is warming up and just like for moms, modest clothing can be a challenge for our daughters. Short skirts, shorts, and immodest swimming suits seem to be around every corner and on every rack in the mall. This summer, help your daughter stay cool…and modest…with these fun fashion tips.

Shorts and Skirts

Shorts and skirts, especially in the Juniors Department, tend to be on the short side. The good news is there’s an easy, and fashionable, way to solve the problem. Simply add a pair of leggings under shorts and skirts that tend to be a little too short. You’ll instantly turn an outfit that may have been inappropriate into an instant modest find. Just don’t tell your daughter you wore leggings in the ‘80s. She might not think they are so cool with that bit of news.

Swimming Suits

Another tough spot when it comes to modesty is swimming suits. Many girls want to wear the cute bikinis. You know that your daughter will be most comfortable in a modest, one-piece suit, but convincing your daughter to go the one piece route isn’t always the easiest. Luckily, the tankini can make you both happy! The tankini is in style and is a modest two-piece bathing suit with a long tank top. Your daughter can feel stylish in a two-piece suit and you’ll be comfortable knowing your daughter is covered up at the pool.

Tank Tops

Yes, tank tops can be modest. Of course, not when worn alone, but using those tank tops to layer is a great thing to do. Layering is in this season, so your daughter will look oh so cute with a bright colored tank under her favorite dress or top.

Getting your daughter to dress modestly can be a bit tricky at times, but it’s not impossible. Start small and show your daughter that it is possible to be stylish, attractive, and modest all at the same time. And remember, the best way to teach about modesty is by example. When you choose to dress modestly, your daughter will follow.

Sweet 16: LDS Birthday Party Ideas

Every young girl in the LDS church looks forward to her 16th birthday with eager anticipation. This is the day she can date! Now, she can go to those high school dances, drive a car, and finally explore the world she’s been waiting to be a part of. The LDS 16th birthday party is a big deal! Help your daughter celebrate her Sweet 16 in a unique and special way.

A Night Out on the Town

Your daughter is on the brink of adulthood. Give your daughter a taste of the finer life with a night out on the town with a few girlfriends. Rent a car and driver, let her pick out a fancy dress, and head out to enjoy some fine dining. Your daughter and her friends will feel like princesses for a day!

Co-Ed Dance Party

Now that your daughter is 16 and getting ready to date, a co-ed birthday party might be a fun idea. If you’re comfortable with a little loud music and a bunch of teenage hormones, round up some chaperones and plan a dance party! You might want to hire a DJ and rent a place for the dance, or keep it simple and prepare a “night club” in your basement. LDS birthday parties with a dance theme can be a great way for your daughter to celebrate this most special birthday.

Blast from the Past

The sweet 16 is a great time to have an 80s themed party. Your daughter didn’t live through the 80s, but you did. Show her how much fun it was back in the “good ol’ days” with a blast from the past party. Play music from the time, dress in neon clothes, and watch a great movie from the day. In fact, “Sixteen Candles” would be a great movie to watch for this big day!

Sweet 16…such a magical and wonderful day in any young girl’s life. Help your daughter enter this new stage in life with a fun LDS birthday party. You, and your daughter, will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Turning 12: LDS Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pre-Teen

Turning 12, especially in the LDS culture, is a big deal. It’s the year girls graduate from Primary and enter into the Young Women’s program. Many girls look forward to this day with eager anticipation. As a mother, you may be wondering what type of party to throw for your daughter…she’s not a little girl anymore, but not yet a woman. We’ve got some fun LDS birthday party ideas that will help you celebrate this big birthday.

Spa Delight

Every girl or woman loves a little pampering every now and then. While 12 years old is probably a little young for make-up, you can still have a lot of fun with a spa party for your daughter. Let her invite a few friends over and then create stations where the girls can get pedicures, paint their nails, and get their hair done. Keep it all simple and really girly. For example, bright red nail polish is probably a little much for 12 year old girls, but paint their toenails with glitter, hot pinks, and pastel colors. The girls will feel grown up, and you’ll feel satisfied that your little girl isn’t growing up too fast. After the pampering, decorate cupcakes and watch a chick flick!

Scrapbook Party

A really fun LDS birthday party for girls is a scrapbook party. This kind of party is especially easy to pull off with a digital camera. Send the girls out on a little scavenger hunt to take pictures. Before hand, make up a list of specific scenes or situations they need to take pictures of. Then, come home, download the pictures on the computer, print, and let the girls create their own scrapbook! They’ll stay occupied for hours. Plus, each girl goes home with a fun reminder of the birthday party.

Make Jewelry

Most girls love jewelry. Get a jewelry-making kit or a bunch of beads and let each girl make a piece of jewelry. Not only is it fun, but they’ll have a keepsake to remember your party with. Think how fun it will be to see the girls at church wearing the necklace they made at your daughter’s birthday party.

Turning 12 is such a fun and exciting time in an LDS girl’s life. Help her have a great birthday by planning a fun, and yet still appropriate, 12th birthday party.

Celebrating the 8th Birthday

It’s great to be 8…especially in the LDS world. For boys and girls who have been raised in the church, the 8th birthday means getting baptized and becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is a big birthday, and you want your child to remember this day. Holding a birthday party that is as special as this day is easy and fun. Check out some of our creative LDS birthday party ideas.

Everything in Eights

Your child is turning 8, so why not have the number “8” be the theme. You could invite 8 special guests, play 8 different games, eat 8 types of cake…you get the point. Your child will have a blast celebrating this birthday with everything that reminds him of turning 8.

A Spiritual Birthday

The LDS 8th birthday is really special and you may want to turn this day into a more spiritual day. If you live close to a temple, take your family to the temple. Sit outside the temple grounds, read some scriptures, and bear your testimony of the importance of the temple and eternal families to your children. Your child will know how important the Church is to you as he hears you share your inner thoughts and feelings. After a trip to the temple, go out for a family dinner or celebrate with birthday cake.

CTR Themed Party

As your child turns 8, he is making a big decision—the decision to become a member of the Church. To get to this point of baptism, and to live a worthy life from here on out, your child will have to choose the right. Why not celebrate with a CTR themed birthday party? You could play games that deal with choices and consequences, go on a treasure hunt for “treasures”, and give each guest a CTR ring as a party favor. Decorate in the traditional green and silver of a CTR ring. Your child will surely remember this special day and what it means to make good choices in his life.

LDS birthday parties can be so much fun! When your child turns 8 and is ready to be baptized, make his birthday extra special with one of the creative ideas found here. Remember, it’s great to be 8!

Decorating Your LDS Wedding Reception

No bride wants to celebrate her new marriage standing under a basketball hoop in a cultural hall. When it comes to choosing a location for your wedding reception, you have lots of options. Even if you do choose to have your LDS wedding reception at the church, there are so many fabulous ideas to help bring the area from gym to wedding chic. Here are some helpful hints to help you plan the perfect LDS wedding reception.

You have options. And lots of them.

You don’t have to choose the cultural hall just because it’s free. Remember, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing a location. If you’re getting married in the summer, find a neighbor or friend with a gorgeous back yard. You could also contact your local city and ask about a wedding reception in a park. Call your local Chamber of Commerce and ask for reception halls, conference centers, and museums.

Set the mood with your reception decorations.

Your wedding reception decorations should reflect the mood of your entire wedding. If you are having a classic, traditional type of wedding, keep the decorations the same style. If you are going for a more modern look, go for more trendy decorations. Some reception decoration ideas might include:

  • White Christmas lights (any time of the year)
  • Plants, trees, and ivy
  • Flower pots
  • Fish bowls with colored stones

You get the idea…there are tons of fun and classy LDS wedding reception ideas.

Consider the Lilies…or in this case, the flowers.

  • Choose flowers that are in season. The seasonal flowers will cost less. Also, use a local florist or plants that are grown locally to cut down on costs.
  • Avoid roses and orchids. Roses and orchids are so gorgeous, but they are also very expensive. Daisies are less expensive, but still very bright and cheery.
  • Use flowery potted plants as centerpieces, instead of floral arrangements.
  • Don’t rule out silk flowers. You can create some very lovely arrangements out of silk flowers. Plus, silk flowers never die!

No matter where you choose to celebrate the Big Day, remember that the reception is for you and your new husband. Enjoy the moment and above all else, celebrate!

All Dressed in White: LDS Wedding Dress Styles

We’re coming up on wedding season and that means…lots of beautiful new trends and styles. For the LDS bride, keeping up on trends and styles can be accomplished while still maintaining a modest look. Sure, you are looking for a gorgeous, modest wedding gown, but you can take some of the trends hot off the runway for your LDS wedding dress. Mormon wedding dresses can be just as beautiful and stylish as those you see in the magazines. Check out some of these new trends hot for 2010.

Back in Time

Prints, especially florals, are really popular this season. You can easily incorporate this trend into your Mormon wedding dress with some simple accessories. Try adding a floral belt to your dress or big earrings.

Splashes of Color

Another style seen on the runways is color…and lots of it! LDS wedding dresses are traditionally white only. If you want to keep with the white wedding dress, but add some modern style, simply add a colored sash. Modern brides, even LDS brides, are not afraid to add a splash of color to their white dresses.

Lovely Lace

Lace is classic and simply stunning. If you want to bring a romantic and feminine look to your LDS wedding gown, try lace. You could use simple touches of lace, or have your entire gown made from lace. Lacey sleeves are particularly delicate and delightful on LDS wedding dresses.


Ribbons, ruffles, flowers, and bows are all big this wedding season. The ruffles and the bows add the ultra feminine touch. Plus, ribbons and bows are easily added to LDS wedding dresses.

Stunning Embroidery

The classic look of the 1920s and 1930s is in this year. A beautiful way to incorporate this trend into your LDS wedding gown is with embroidery. Simple flowers and delicate patterns look amazing when embroidered on your wedding dress. You can also incorporate embroidery on your veil or train.

1950s Flair

The 1950s trend is especially nice for LDS wedding dresses. Bridal designers are incorporating high necklines and tulle skirts into designs for this trend. LDS brides love this style because there isn’t much altering that needs to be done to make the dress modest.

LDS wedding dresses can be modern and stylish, while still being modest. It’s fairly easy to add some of this season’s latest styles and trends into your Mormon wedding dress. Bring some of the runway to your big day with lovely styles.

LDS Wedding Photography Styles

When it comes time to choose an LDS wedding photographer, you’re going to want to know his style before you make this very important decision. There’s much more to wedding photography than just “pointing and shooting.” There are several different styles of wedding photography, each perfect for your Big Day in their own way. Take a look at four popular styles listed here as you think about your LDS wedding photography.

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography is probably the most popular style for LDS wedding photography. Sometimes referred to as formal, traditional wedding photography is made up of posed pictures of the bride and groom, bridal party, and the families. LDS traditional wedding photography also includes shots at the temple, with the new couple and their parents, as well as pictures of the reception.

Photojournal Photography

Many couples like to document every moment of the wedding. Everything from getting ready to head to the temple to the makeup and hair time. Photojournal wedding photography tells the story of your wedding day and captures all of the emotions…the nervousness, the joy, and the sheer happiness of forming a new eternal union. If you choose a photojournalistic style for your LDS wedding photography, you’ll have pictures that capture moments, rather than poses.

Artistic Photography

In artistic photography, the photographer will use soft lenses, unusual angles, and more stylized effects. Many modern brides like the artistic approach for their LDS wedding photography. Those who are less traditional love the unique look of their photos and enjoy the funky style. The downside is that artistic photography changes throughout the years, so you do risk the chance of your photos looking dated in a few years.

Candid Photography

Similar to Photojournal photography, candid style photos are casual shots that capture the expression and emotion of the moment. Most candid pictures are taken when peoples attention isn’t focused on the camera. You’ll see shots of the bride giving her mom a hug, or the groom dancing with his young niece. Many brides love candid photography because it helps them remember the feelings of her wedding day.

Most LDS wedding photographers specialize in one of these areas of photography. For a real look at your wedding day, you’ll want a mixture of all of the styles. You want your wedding album to be beautiful and filled with photos that capture the feelings and emotions of your wedding day. Be sure to carefully review your LDS wedding photographer’s style before you make your photography deposit.